Sustainability and Earth’s Call

Written for the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality Newsletter.  Published 4/12/17.   “No straw, please,” I say to the waiter, committed to contributing one less bit of plastic to the burgeoning landfill or the Pacific garbage gyre. Can I trust the menu that indicates this seafood is “sustainably fished” or should I pull out my latest app to double check?  For that matter, I wonder, can any fishing really be sustainable given the state of our oceans? A restaurant meal can quickly become a nexus of commitment and concern. (Are these tomatoes local? Free of pesticides? Were the workers paid a living wage? Oh, wait; they’re out of season anyway.) We’ve changed our light bulbs, switched to sustainable power, and drive a hybrid. And yet these day-to-day choices we make in the hopes of living sustainably seem not only confusing but woefully insufficient to the challenges of Continue Reading →

The Isle of Iona: Definitely a Special Place

“I’ve heard it called a ‘thin place,’” he told me. “I’m not sure that I believe that, so I want to see for myself.”  It sounded to my ears as if he’d laid down a challenge—to me, or the island, I wasn’t sure which. Coming from someone I respect, his apparent skepticism gave me pause. He was one of many pilgrims on a journey to the Isle of Iona that I was co-leading with Carole Crumley several years ago. I wondered, “What might this holy island that I have loved for many years have to offer to him?” As much as I wanted him to appreciate Iona, it was clear that all I could do was trust that he would be given what was right for him. In a “thin place” it is said that the barrier between Earth and Continue Reading →