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Claim what is yours

Our hearts hold deep wisdom, wisdom that informs us of what is ours to do, and what is invited moment by moment.  Science has been telling us for years – and mystics and indigenous peoples have known for generations – that heart knowledge is real, and yet listening for that “knowing” is still counter-cultural.  When we ignore the lessons of the heart, we live out of rhythm with our very essence and with everything around us.

My intention as a spiritual coach is to help you uncover and claim what is yours to do and to support you in your quest to live a life of courage, compassion, and commitment to your call.  I don’t offer answers.  I hope to ask questions that will help bring you to a deeper level of awareness and to encourage you to notice new possibilities for your life.

Next steps:

If you are ready to begin coaching or if you want to see if coaching is right for you, send me an email and we can set up a time to talk further.