On Being Human in a More Than Human World

The language we use and the stories we tell influence our sense of responsibility and possibility and are critical to our understanding of what sustainability means.  In this article, David Abram calls us to an appreciation of all beings: “Whenever we become intensely engaged by other styles and shapes of life, when we drop away our concern for ourselves and begin to celebrate and praise other beings and elements that exceed our exclusively human concerns, then—paradoxically—we most realize and epitomize our humanity.” https://www.humansandnature.org/to-be-human-david-abram#.WezMV9GIhVU.facebook Share This:

Redesigning Society Based on Nature

Author and pioneer in biomimicry Janine Benyus speaks on the For the Wild podcast about learning from living systems that have served the test of time.  What is nature doing here?  What is nature not doing?  What does that tell me about what I might do?  Nature can serve as mentor, measurement and model.  There is so much we can learn from her about regeneration.  I found this a very hopeful listen. http://forthewild.world/listen/janine-benyus-on-redesigning-society-based-on-nature   SaveSave Share This: